Policies and Rules

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds, no deferrals, and an entry is not transferable to another person, for any reason.  A runner may request to withdraw and request a refund of his/her entry fee if, and only if, 1. the race exceeds cap (300 runners) and 2. a replacement runner is on the wait list.  The refund will follow the formula (entry fee – $20 processing fee = refund.)  A wait list will be started once the field cap is achieved.  To be added to the wait list or to request withdrawal and refund, please email the race director.

If Top of The South is cancelled because of circumstances beyond the control of Top of The South race organizers, including but not limited to hazardous weather conditions or government ban, entry fees will not be refunded.

Course Policy

Bandits (non-registered runners), strollers, bicycles, rollerblades, wagons, and pets are NOT permitted at the start, on the course or at the finish.

Runners are to run on the Right of Hwy 143 and must not cross the double yellow line.  In fact, runners are encouraged to avoid the double yellow line.  Vehicular traffic coming down the mountain will not be stopped.


USA Track and Field and Road Runners Club of America recommend against using headphones while running.  Runners participating in the Top of The South may not wear dual headphones.  Runners wearing dual headphones are not aware of vehicular traffic.    Runners may wear a single ear bud if they can hear Race Officials and vehicles.  If runners cannot/do not respond to Race Officials and Emergency Vehicles, their ear phones and musical device will be confiscated.  If the runner refuses to release his/her ear phones and musical device, the runner will be automatically disqualified.

Course Time Limit

Course time limit is 2-3/4 hours, which is an average pace of 4 miles/hour (15 minutes/mile).  The following cut-off locations will be located on the course.  Those runners who fail to meet a specified time will be pulled from the race course and transported to the finish line.  As a gauge, runners should be able to run 6 miles/hour (10 minutes/mile) for a typical half-marathon.  The following Mile Markers and Splits will strictly apply:
Mile 3.1  8:20am  (0:50:00 race time)
Mile 6.6  9:10am  (1:40:00 race time)
Mile 8.9  9:45am  (2:15:00 race time) Carvers Gap
Mile 10.8  10:15am  (2:45:00 race time) Finish

Finish Line Spectator Passes:

  1. 150 Finish Line Spectator Vehicle Passes will be issued on a first-request basis to registered runners.
  2. To receive a Pass, the spectator vehicle must have capacity to transport a minimum of 3 runners from the Finish back to the Start.  Bib tags from a minimum of two runners must be presented at the time of Pass receipt, at the Carver’s Gap entrance gate to Pisgah National Forest and upon departure from the finish line.  In addition, the runners must present their bibs upon departure from the finish.
  3. Spectator vehicles must depart from the Start no later than 7:15am.
  4. Spectator vehicles will be allowed through the Carver’s Gap entrance gate to Pisgah National Forest 7:30am – 8:15am.
  5. Spectator vehicles will be allowed to depart from the Finish no earlier than 10:45am.  Only emergency vehicles will be allowed to depart and arrive at the Finish during the hours 8:15am – 10:45am.
  6. Spectator vehicles are not permitted to park at Carver’s Gap.
  7. At the Finish, Spectator vehicles must park in designated parking lots only, as instructed by parking attendants.  Vehicles may not park along the shoulder of any roadway.
  8. All foot traffic (walking spectators and runners, those still running and those finished), must walk on paved roads and established foot paths.  Roan Mountain is home to many endangered plants and everyone involved in Top of The South must be diligent to preserve this fragile ecosystem.